Kindergarten Postcard Exchange 2012-2013!

The Exchange is over for this school year.

If I find another for 2013-2014, I will post a link here.

I first saw this tremendous postcard project, being organized by Deborah Stewart, going on over at Teach Preschool.  While Deborah is setting off on her third year of the exchange, I am launching our second year. And just as Deborah has learned even more about the challenges of the project, I have as well. I am picking up some of her recommendations and those changes are reflected here and on the form linked below.

So what is entailed?

  • The Kindergarten postcard exchange now only runs from September through December 2012.  That is 4 months of exchanging.
  • During that time, you only need to send out – one postcardeach month to each class in your own group. That is 5 postcards a month (not counting your own class)
  • Your group # is on the left hand side of the form you use to sign-up
  • We have 6 classes in each group, so as new classes join, they will be added to new groups on the bottom of the list.
  • You need to check the mailing rates for countries outside of your own.
  • If you change your mind about participating, please remove your information from the list. An email to the others in your group would be helpful as well.
  • Everyone should re-check their group list before mailing to note any changes.
  • Be sure to Double-Check the information you put on the form. Keep addresses concise enough to be written on the address side of the postcards.  Some folks included really complex addresses!

To access the sign-up form, click on the garden picture below, or on this link, or even copy/paste this link into your browser.

Please share this project or like it, +1, RT, you name it! with other teachers to spread the word. Are there teachers in your school, still a bit low on the tech side, who might find this engaging?

Postcards from class to class can include any info you wish to share.  I used group photos of my class throughout the year in the past.  I said a bit about what we were learning and asked some questions for others to consider.  How about you? Any ideas?

9 thoughts on “Kindergarten Postcard Exchange 2012-2013!

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  3. Thank you very much for organizing the postcard exchange project! The sign up was so easy with the goggle docs form you set up! Last year’s exchange was really fun and we can’t wait to try it again with a new set of pen pals.
    Thanks again,

    • I would say we are just for K but I can direct you to a PreK postcard Exchange. Deb Stewart over at Teach Preschool gave me the postcard idea in the first place. She may have room left in her project. You can check it out at
      If that doesn’t work out, I’m sure you can add your name to the lists for our project 😀

  4. Hello, I am currently teaching at a school in Thailand and one of the classes I teach is a mother tongue class for the kindergarteners and grade ones who’s family come from Canada/US… I noticed that the majority of the classes who are signed up are from this region and I think it would be a great addition to this class to be able to connect with schools from North America. I know it is not all kindergarten so it is slightly different, but I was wondering if it would still be ok if I signed up.

    • You are welcome to join the exchange. I will send you a link to the Google spreadsheet with all the information and I recommend you add yourself to Group 6 which was the last one formed. It might be a good idea to email the others in your group as well, letting them know you are newly added. Have fun connecting!

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