Finding Our Own Groove!

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We have had a very interesting week in kindergarten. The children are bonding into a beautiful community and finding joy in working and playing together. Every day means more practice in the things we are learning to do as well as picking up some brand new skills. This class really is exuberant and erupts in cheers for any good news, be that recess, a favorite special, even just going to lunch.

We also celebrated our Open House with families mingling together and making connections. Our principal was thrilled with the whole evening because so many parents had good things to say about us and our PreK-6 school.

Here is a VoiceThread for your enjoyment. The video at the end is a student who knows far more about the construction of a jet than I will ever begin to understand. That is so cool!

And here are some links to the last 2 weeks newsletters.

Newsletter – September 10, 2010

Newsletter – September 17, 2010

3 thoughts on “Finding Our Own Groove!

  1. Dear Mrs. Poulin,
    I enjoyed watching your voicethread and loved the video of the little boy at the end. We had our Open House last week too. I am still waiting for permissions to come back before we can really get going on our blog. I hope to connect with you and your class this year. Maybe we can skype with each other. I have grade one this year.
    Your friend,
    Mrs. Lynch

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