Science In Kindergarten

The Next Generation Science Standards are still in the works but I have rolled with them as is. The State of Massachusetts has yet to adopt them formally. I am excited to be teaching a science based curriculum. The other subjects integrate beautifully.

The past couple of weeks, we have looked at Simple Machines and the children have enjoyed the “play” aspects. We worked specifically with inclined planes, wedges, and levers. The play involved moving furniture, building inventions and structures and lifting heavy things. It was a delight hearing the children use the vocabulary during their Choice time.

Bringing the learning to the next step engaged students in the engineering and technology piece of the NGSS. Here is a class book of the simple machine inventions that students created.

2 thoughts on “Science In Kindergarten

  1. What wonderful ideas and designs for tools! These children are using their early literacy skills to show what they know about simple machines–integrating the science, engineering, literacy and technology learning.

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