Change In Audience

Over the many years I have been adding to this blog I have covered a range of topics. My audience for each post varies depending on the subject matter discussed. It never started out as a “Class” blog or website. Once our school developed a real presence of its own, it asked teachers to create websites that parents and the general public could visit to learn more about our school. This blog was used for that purpose, as my teacher site, since I was putting so much information out there already and since my parent feedback has been wonderful.

Times have changed and our school is looking for a narrower focus. For that reason, this blog has been removed as a direct link from the school website. I will be working on something new to meet the needs of the school website in a more focused manner – our classroom and our school only.

Some changes have already taken place here. I no longer see the permission forms to share images, that parents signed before school began, as applying here. They did not give me permission personally; they gave it to the school.

For that reason, I have removed many images from posts that were added since this school year began. I am not going back any further than last summer as I suspect an argument could be made that I had permission to share pictures in earlier years.

So what parents need to know is this. You will soon find a new Poulin Class Website directly linking from the school website. I am working on one as we speak. Mrs. Poulin’s Blog will remain but my audience and the posts I write for that audience will not be the same.

Many challenges go along with a new site and I would rather find and use one that is advertisement-free while still having some visual appeal. This Edublogs website is a pro account and so there are no ads for readers to deal with. Wish me luck!

4 thoughts on “Change In Audience

    • Oh Peggy, you are so sweet to comment. I have appreciated your support these many years and I will continue to share my science adventures here. It’s interesting to note that I have been less faithful to sharing my work this year. In part, because of time constraints but also because of questions about permissions. The pendulum is swinging back toward privacy again. I will learn more – stay tuned!

    • I can tell you speak from experience. I am stretched pretty thin right now as it is. The new site that will link to the school will get some attention but the passion of my sharing is really to a bigger audience much of the time. For that reason, I will still talk about my adventures in teaching without making solid connections with my current class. I hope that makes sense. After all, I still need to grow and learn myself. The reflection process here is a great vehicle for that.

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