It’s Time to Reconnect With ~ Symbaloo

I’d like to  guide you through creating your own collection of webmixes, including the mix I made,  you’ll see…  This can turn out even better than expected as you can grab mixes on any topic of interest and for different ages.  The class did not use all of the links.  After all, there are hundreds of them.  But the collection of webmixes is so rich, I want to be sure you can give your child some time to visit the site.

  1. Go to the Symbaloo home page, look to the top right and click on “Create Free Account.”  Fill in the data, accept the terms, and click the orange box.
  2. You will quickly get a confirmation email with a link that needs clicking.  There’s a quick confirmation that appears in a new tab and you click on the box there.
  3. (If you choose the blue box “Quick Start” you can create a webmix collection with personal interest sites.  I don’t recommend this method unless you want to learn the programming and create a neat homepage for yourself with news and special topics of interest.  Choose the other option.)
  4. A pop-up window appears asking if you want to make it your homepage. Only do that if your child has their own login screen.  Otherwise, just “X” out of the box.
  5. The very top of the screen has an option for “Gallery.” This opens the option to add a known webmix or search for your special interests.
  6. Search for “Gail Poulin.”  The most up to date webmix is entitled,  “Mrs. Poulin’s K”
  7. Click on “View the webmix” then “Add this webmix.”
  8. You should now have your own collection started with Mrs. Poulin’s K in the last tab.  Symbaloo has already filled in a few other tabs and you can delete each of those by opening the tab and finding the box near the top that says “Delete webmix.”
  9. Now you can add to your collection.  I have some suggestions below but for informational purposes you proceed by looking to the top of the screen and clicking on “Add a webmix.”  Search in the box offered on the right.  I recommend and you might want to include:

Kinderchat is a community I belong to on Twitter, created for Kindergarten teachers to share ideas.  We even have a “poulinclass” account for sharing small experiences and conversations with other K classes around the world.

I recommend you allow your child to explore the sites on Symbaloo with some supervision.  While a few links go directly to a game or activity, many others go to bigger sites with lots of options on the page.  They are safe but not always educational.  I was amazed how quickly the children found videos to watch on

OH!  One other word of advice, be sure your browser, Flash, and Java are up to date.  These programs are hungry!



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