Newsletter – September 2, 2011

Whew! We made it past the hard days. Now we can really start building a community of learners. Day 2 was delightful! The child who had experienced the toughest transition on Day 1, came off the bus beaming and running to my side. I breathed a good sigh of relief as that was one of my worries as I headed into the day.

The strangeness of the day before was replaced with some familiarity and the children brought us to our first real meeting in quick order. We took a look at a short video presentation on hurricanes. Each day we visit Wonderopolis and learn a little bit about a new topic. Next we visited KidsAreHeroes and learned about our first hero. We talked with buddies about what our hero had done to be recognized. Then we crafted our very first “Shout-out.”  Check it out!

After recess, we shared the story of Chester the raccoon in The Kissing Hand. Chester misses his Mom when he has to go to school. Ask your child about the story and see how much of the plot they recall. Audrey Penn has written several books about Chester. One of our friends remembers hearing the story in his day care.

We also ate some yummy Kissing Hand cookies.

I just found this link to the author read story. Watch with the little kissing hands in your life and notice the changes on every page as you look at just parts of the pages.

Whenever you see the tumbling kids header at the top of a post here, you know it contains this week’s newsletter and you can expect one most Fridays throughout the school year. Enjoy the pictures in vibrant color! Oh! And why not share the link with family and friends near and far! They are always thrilled with another connection to you. Look for the full screen option below the newsletter.

Newsletter – September 2, 2011

2 thoughts on “Newsletter – September 2, 2011

  1. Our family is so excited for the coming year and I am SO impressed with your energy and this blog.
    Thank you for making kindergarten such a family-friendly experience!

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