Our September Trip To the Vernal Pool 2010

Ms. Audrey Morse and friends

Ms. Audrey Morse and friends

We welcomed in the new season with several projects and adventures. Our first trip to the vernal pool was a big success. Rather than simply telling the children about the place, we prepared them to think about it first. Ms Audrey Morse, our kindergarten Speech & Language specialist / ELL teacher, shared a book on the 5 senses. Her passion for the great outdoors was a perfect partner to our enthusiasm for adventure.

As we briskly walked out to the rear of the school property, we stoppedĀ to examine the sights, sounds, textures, and smells of the woods. Then we raced around theĀ area, sharing what we found with each other, and with you the audience. Here is a slide show and video of our adventure.

Our September Visit To the Vernal Pool from gail poulin on Vimeo.

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